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ESRIC is the first research, business and innovation centre exclusively focused on the utilization of space resources. Ambitious, mission-driven research and applications, best-in-class talent and state-of-the-art facilities unique in Europe are key to success. ESRIC is therefore working closely with leading players in the space resources ecosystem from around the world.

While research covers the full value chain, it is currently focused on advancing knowledge and technologies for extracting oxygen from lunar regolith.

Of particular interest are also activities in the area of manufacturing, important enablers not only for long term exploration, but also in terms of expanding the commercial sector towards in-space manufacturing.


ESRIC focuses on the following thematic areas of research:

Excavation, Beneficiation and Extraction of oxygen and metals
Process space resources produce, store and deliver feedstock and consumables

Resource Identification and Characterisation
Identify, excavate, transport and handle space resources

Construction and Manufacturing
Manufacture components, repair parts and build infrastructure using space resources

Sustainability and responsibility