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Space Resources Accelerator description

The world’s first businessaccelerator dedicated to the in-space economy

This programme is an initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) and is part of the BSGN Industry Accelerators network.

It aims to accompany the Moon champions of tomorrow. More specifically, it is dedicated to scale-ups which have demonstrated successful business models in terrestrial and/or space markets and have the capacity to develop applications for the emerging in-space economy.

The programme is currently in conceptualization phase and ESRIC is inviting partners to join the initiative in the coming months before the implementation of the project expected next year.

We are looking for partners:

Institutional partners to lead space exploration along with ESA, aspiring to push further the frontiers of science

Strategic partners interested in cooperating with ESA, space agencies and the wider space ecosystem, aspiring to become the next Moon trailblazers

Financial partners eager to invest in promising Moon ventures, aspiring to seize the opportunities of an entire new economy

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Alex Godlewski

Business Accelerator Officer

Delia Malaut

Press and media relations