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Our Structure

ESRIC is implemented as a department of LIST, with a dedicated governance structure that includes its partners LSA, ESA and LIST. It is conducting activities along four main areas: Research and testing facilities, Business support and incubation, Knowledge management, and Community management.

This bold and creative venture in a challenging environment requires fine and well-judged guidance. The governance of ESRIC is made up of three main components:

  • The Strategic Partnership Coordination Committee (SPCC).
    The SPCC is made up of public bodies such as the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), the European Space Agency (ESA) and other public partners directly involved in the development of ESRIC. The SPCC serves as a forum for coordination between ESRIC’s strategic partners, for strategic guidance, progress monitoring and decision-making.

  • The Steering Committee (SC).
    The Steering Committee is entrusted with the oversight of ESRIC’s mission, activities and their implementation by the management team.

  • The Advisory Board.
    The Advisory Board is composed of renowned experts from public institutions, industry and academia, covering the entire space resources community, even including non-space industries. The Advisory Board will provide regular advice to the management team of ESRIC and its partners.

Dr Kathryn Hadler

Director of ESRIC
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Dr Dennis Harries

Geochemist specialised in astromaterials
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Dr Abigail Calzada Diaz

Lunar Geologist
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Dr Alberto Maulu

Lunar Oxygen extraction
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Timon Schild

End-to-end processing
PhD Student
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Marko Sikiric

Plasma technology
PhD Student
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Vishnu Pullangatil

Fuel cell technology
PhD Student
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Xiao Chen Zhang

Lunar Regolith Beneficiation
PhD Student
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Franziska Zaunig

Research Project Officer
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Dr Ainur Yerzhankyzy

Chemical Engineer
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Dr Joris Kadok

Researcher in novel materials
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Dr Vibha Levin Prabhu

Researcher in Lunar In-Situ
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Lari Cujko

Start-up Support
Programme lead
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Dr Emmanuel Scolan

Partnership Officer
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Sabrina Morais

Project Officer
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Delia Malaut

Community Manager
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Ernestina Binni

Strategic Advisor
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