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Start-up Support Programme description

First worldwide incubation programme, entirely dedicated to space resources utilization.

The ESRIC Start-up Support Programme (SSP) aims at supporting early-stage ventures and start-ups designing novel technologies for space resources applications in refining their business plan, attracting customers and securing their first investments.

  • The SSP is a customised programme, dedicated to young start-ups looking to develop their project and increase their TRL and CRL

  • It is focused on the development of prototypes for terrestrial and space applications all along the Space Resources Value Chain

  • The programme enables access to technical laboratories from ESRIC/LIST and ESA

Calls and applications

ESRIC is running the Start-up Support Programme in close partnership with Technoport, benefiting from first-hand expert know-how in business innovation, with the goal to promote and support the creation and development of innovative and technology-oriented companies in Luxembourg.

Three phases building on each other

Concept Proofing Stage

Qualification and validation phase

Validate technical developments, in line with market opportunities

5 start-ups are selected

3-month duration

Technical, Business and PR support provided


Technical and market validation phase

Confirm technical value proposal and first pilot customers/field tests

1 start-up from phase 1 selected

Up-to 24-months

Technical, Business and PR support provided

Possibilities to unlock up to €200,000 funding (non-dilutive and non-refundable)

Residency stage

Business development phase

Follow-up on technical developments and grow sales/customer pool

Optional phase – upon request

Up to 1 start-up/batch from phase 2

Up-to 36 months

Business and PR support provided