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Following the pre-incubation phase, we have selected Lightigo Space as the second start-up to continue their launchpad journey as part of the ESRIC Start-up Support Programme (SSP).

Lightigo Space

Lightigo Space is engaged in the development of instrumentation and methodology for material analysis by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). The LIBS technology can be used as a source of information about the elemental composition of unknown printing powders for metallic 3D printing.

Above Materials – USA

Above Materials is developing an innovative solution (Poly-X) to convert human metabolic waste into polymers. Waste materials present on human-occupied space stations that otherwise must be disposed can be converted into useful polymers, to produce tools, personal protective equipment, medical devices, etc.

Aurora Connect - Poland

The Genderless Dust Passive Power Connector consists of a symmetrical connector designed to transmit information and current. Earth's infrastructure is unsuitable for the hard environment of the Moon and transmission of electricity is one of the key activities necessary for smooth functioning of Lunar Habitats.

Lunar Outpost EU – Luxembourg

Lunar Outpost EU is developing technology for effective utilization of thermal energy during the harsh conditions of the lunar night. Their solution leverages resources found on the lunar surface to be cost effective and scalable. Applied on Earth, this technology can enable clean energy and improve efficiency.

Terra Luna Resources – Canada

Terra Luna aims to solve the challenge of converting mined ice into purified water, by developing a new, patentable, in-space “solar-still” style technology to refine lunar ice into water.