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Following the pre-incubation phase, we have selected Four Point as the first start-up to continue their launchpad journey as part of the ESRIC Start-up Support Programme (SSP).

Four Point - Poland

Four Point aims to reduce the environmental impact of opencast mines through new technological innovations focused on monitoring, big data analysis, and autonomous machines for extraction and transportation.

Orbit Recycling - Germany

Orbit Recycling aims to remove space debris from Earth's orbit and transport it to the Moon for recycling.

Astroport - USA

Astroport uses lunar dust - or regolith - and transforms it into bricks and materials for 3D printing lunar infrastructures. Their expertise is in the areas of 3D construction printing, site preparation, regolith processing and refining, robotics and space architecture.

Adventus Interstellar - Switzerland

Adventus Interstellar focuses on the design and construction of rover-landing systems based on tensegrity, meaning the “internal balance” of a structure due to the forces of tension and compression distributed. It wishes, thanks to this technology, to set up space deployment services at very low costs.

Anisoprint - Luxembourg

Anisoprint works on the development of equipment allowing 3D printing of tools, components, repair parts and structural elements made of composite materials in conditions of weightlessness and low gravity. Their project will support the development, extraction and use of space resources.